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lawyers What do lawyers do?

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This question has been asked many times and I can say with the claim that in the future it will also be asked. But in response to this question most people will not say anything good about the lawyers. Everyone is so busy in taking jokes on lawyers that nobody speaks about the work they do.

Believe me, I would just say that lawyers find answers to questions using their common knowledge in common and unusual situations. If you have clever and quick answers, you can certainly become a successful lawyer.

General questions like constitutional law or complex issues like breaking street and law, lawyers find answers to questions using their own wisdom in all kinds of situations.

The most famous image of the lawyers is that they scream and scream in the court and keep imprisoned in the colorless world of black and white. In fact, "litigation" lawyers argue in court in court, which argue from property matters to criminal subjects, and from constitutional subjects to family matters, all play a vital role.

These attorneys take full care of the fact that the arguments of their client are best kept in front of the court.

Some lawyers also work in business organizations. Advocates here mainly keep in mind that the trade and other functions of these organizations are proceeding through the bounds of law. Large companies are merged, any matter of money market or foreign investment, without any attorneys, it is very difficult to do any such work related to them. In clear words, without the lawyers, many companies will fail to give their views directly.
Lawyers are also called social engineers. You know that our day-to-day and our society, everything is bound by law. The work of the lawyers is to understand these laws and help us all to make our lives successful. Many lawyers help the people with disabilities and contribute in areas like women's rights. If you want to make changes for a better tomorrow in people's lives, then methodology is the best path.

Apart from all this, lawyers work with people related to every area of ​​life, understand and explain the law, and use legal principles to find solutions to the small problems of the people. In simple words, a good lawyer is one who is intelligent and with the power of his common sense to find solutions to the common and unusual problems.

Are you choosing to advocate for yourself? the right choice !

I have never experienced insecurity: tabu

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From the 1996 movie Machis to the 2018 film Anhadhun, we have introduced the stage identity as an actress and very different role-playing actress, who got her role in Golmaal Agne and Haider. Though its work is full of bliss but the fun of talking with him is also different.

In one such interview, discussing the success of the chaos in the movie, with the help of his work and the kind of characters he wants to play. Here's an excerpt of discussions with a risky actress in her own words.

Although the chaos has been a good success at the box office, she said that she was considered to be a very risky project, but she said that she always wanted to work with Shriram. My mind is already very respected for them. It's also very interesting as a film maker and the way they are saying stories.

His characters are very different from the other characters in the film. I met him at the time of shooting at Badlapur and I told him that I had to work with you. A few months after that he contacted me with this work. That was a very new scheme, but even though I had joined it because I had never done such a work before.

Talking about the experience of working with Mr. Raghavan, he said that working with them seems very natural and easy. Because they are very knowledgeable about story and characters.

My experience working with them was similar to learning a lesson and they gave me much more than I thought it was. Apart from that he also gave us enough freedom and that was why the connection with them was very interesting.

This experience was very beneficial and beautiful. I thought I was getting success with the experience as well and I am happy to say that everyone associated with this film will have the same views. The film was a bit heavy, and the characters were also written in a slightly different way. And Seima's character was also very challenging.

You have been surprised that you got an inhuman role in a chaotic thriller film, after the performance of Maachis and Haider, that in response to this, Tabu laughed laughing that neither of them nor of me was thrilled to be able to play the character, not being a role.

I was excited to play such characters because I had a mental and emotional connection to the characters, and so I realized that I have to go ahead of all this. I feel as much work as I have a challenging role. These characters inspired me to challenge my boundaries and I worked out of my capacities.

Yes I believe the character of Seema is very cruel, even though the character seemed very real and natural in the film. The main reason for this is the firm belief that Shriram has a special style of making films. And he says that people are looking for a different kind of movie. And that movie only succeeds when the film succeeds in holding the viewers to the last.

Tabu says that he is always known to break the rules and risk a person who says that yes, in my opinion this is correct and that the adjectives I received are also true, but it has not worked to break rules ever. The kind of choice you make is only from what kind of person you are and what your personality is like.

So doing any work normally is a good thing too. But sometimes people are living their life according to their opinions. And I do not see any reason not to do unusual work. The field of cinema is very creative and creative. So there is also the liberty of expressing themselves differently to each of us. The characters I selected never felt threatened.

This was the only way to do my work, and this was a very common thing for me because these characters only excited me and besides that I had an opportunity to make something unusual and my novels were written by my scriptwriter.

And writing deeply and I had to judge my creativity by my acting. These directors were supposed to live with my imagination in my imagination, so they became a mirror of mine and my life.

When you were doing very little films, were you sure that if you worked patiently you would get good characters. Did you not feel insecure feeling or in response to it, Tabu said that I have never felt the feeling of insecurity.

When I did not work, I was not waiting for some good characters at the time but yes, I had full faith in the fact that if I do something then I would have liked it. And I found the need for a special reason to accept any film. And where I got the reason I got the reason.

Would you have been waiting for a favorable time for you, rather than direct competition with young actresses, that in response to that, Tabu said that I would never have made myself comfortable

Arshad Warsi is now debuting in the digital world

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Arshad Warsi has started his career since 1996. She is also a playback singer, television presenter and producer, not just an actor. However, in the 'Munna Bhai MBBS' with Sanjay Dutt, he had hit the circus with a circular character.

Arshad has added one more hangover in his career. She is now debuting in the digital world. Arshad has decided to work in the web series. It works in web site 'Asura'. He said in the matter that I loved the story of this series. This was a superior script.

I had no reason to decline this offer. Yes, I had a wish that I would do something different, which I do not have to get such an opportunity in films anymore. However, I have made a decision that I do not have to comedy in the web-series. I will finish the work that I would like to take seriously in working in the web series. Viewers will only be seen in my comedy movies.

Arshad does not have any interest in politics. It is personally believed that the actors should not be interested in politics. It is necessary to have a 'different mind' to enter politics, if you do not have that skill, then you should not go to politics. I have nothing to do with politics and will not be there. I love a straightforward life. I do not like any compliances in my life.

Arshad is a 14-year-old son and an 11-year-old girl. Talking about his family, Arshad says that my children will be with me almost three or four years now. Then both of them will go on their own way. So now I want to spend as much time with them as possible.

Talking about his son and daughter, Arshad says, my son has no meaning with glamor, fame etc. But my daughter seems to be posed in front of the camera. By the present nature, it seems that she is a hero of the type of heroine. I think you have a tilt towards the film industry. It may also go into acting. But my son is interested in football, video games, travel, kungfu, etc. The choice of both brothers and sisters is quite different.

Arshad has played various characters in a silver screen, but the comedy is prominent. Talking about his comedy character, Arshad says, comedy films are becoming more and more. Eight of the ten films are comedy. Even if a serious film is made, it is kept in a screenplay or a basic mood comic.

As Akshay Kumar's padman looks at any other film, he has a comedy along with Sirius. People prefer to watch comedy as well as action in films. Then there is no difference between an action comedy or a romantic comedy. Apart from this, now it has to become horror-comedy films too.

During the career, Arshad has made many films with affection. For these films, he did not give much importance to script, character or remuneration. Only the filmmakers need it, they emphasize that they do many films. However, Arshad is not willing to do this now.

In this regard, it seems true to Ranbir Kapoor. Once Ranbir said that no one should make films for Yari-Dosti, doing this is like betraying his fans. Today, Arshad is feeling true about this. Now she does not even want to do such films.

Now, he clarifies that there are very few films, he says that the script of good films does not come only. It does not seem to work that a Bakawas script is coming. The character also needs to be worthy of us. That's why my zza movies are not coming.

Talking about 'Me To Movement', Arshad says, 'This is a good movement. It is different from who is punished, distressed, lost, and damaged. But one positive thing to do about this movement is that after this no man will not be compelled with any woman. There may be many who tried to raise the disadvantage of this movement, so many would be guilty. But one thing is certain that after this most women will now be safe.

Artist Nawazuddin Siddiqui assimilating each character

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Very few actors in Bollywood have worked in experimental and specialized movies. There are such actors like Sanjivkumar, Naseeruddin Shah, Anupam Kher, Manoj Bajpai, Smita Patil, Shabana Azmi, Tabu and Aamir Khan. However, the list of Bollywood actors Nawazuddin Siddiqui Also included

Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who started his acting career with a minor role in Aamir Khan's Majhar movie Surfarosh in 1999, has played a variety of roles in experimental and innovative films such as Black Friday, Lunchbox, Mazzi, Harmakohar and Kite. He has also received honorary awards.

On the other hand, the same newcomer has played the role of a film based on the life of a famous person like Manto, Thackeray, Pettata. Nawazuddin Siddiqui is still coming in the same role in director Riteish Batra's film. Thus, Nawazuddin has introduced his acting abilities by playing Raman Raghav's role in the film's murderous murderous murderous mood.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui, a talented student of the National School of Drama presents a very important issue, saying that the roles that I have played need a viewer to realize that you or your village or city actually live. I try to assimilate these challenging characters. .

Even if the child Saheb Thackeray that Sadat Hasan Manto (Sadat Hasan Manto was a famous Indian politician). I have sincerely tried to live on the screen with the founding president of the Shiv Sena, Balasaheb Thackeray.

Najjaduddin Siddiqui, who plays the fun characters in commercial films, Gangs of Wasseypur, Kik, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, says, I have carefully watched almost 100 newspapers and TV interviews of Balasaheb. In his public meeting, he had carefully monitored the speech of speaking, walking, reading a book-newspaper and drawing cartoons. In particular, when the child sang, people felt that they talk directly with us.

His speech had a tremendous attraction. I do not want to imitate Balasaheb, but I have tried to present him on the screen as a child saffron. I mean, I have tried to force Balasaheb Thackeray to take care of him.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui, giving some excellent examples, says, I have seen internationally influential films such as Lincoln, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom and Gandhi. The voice of Ben Kingjale, who received a prestigious Oscar award winning song like Mahatma Gandhi, is not even compatible with Gandhiji's voice In fact, Ben's English language also experiences a British drift.

Nevertheless, Ben Kingzell has actually introduced Gandhi on the scenes of walking, chatting with colleagues, standing up and sitting on the special style of sitting. In my opinion, all these aspects were really great in terms of acting, and the world-wide viewers including India gave a huge welcome to the film of Gandhi and Ben.

Nawazuddin, who looks like a normal human being, does not look like a normal human being, but points out a very important issue based on his experience, in the films which are based on the lives of famous people in India, that seems to be the Khichdi spice. Special vision for the creation of such films and I humbly believe that art should be there. And that is why such a bioopix is ​​not successful.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui also receives National Jury Award for Best Supporting Actor in the Lunch Box film, IIFA for Mom movie and National Jury Award for Gangs of Wasseypur. I also want to play characters that have both good and bad aspects. Even any human is perfect It does not have to be too bad or bad. It has both good and weak qualities.

Nawazuddin also says that acting is a continuous creative process. Continuing is the art of learning. I am also constantly learning new and special things from fellow artists and child artists. In the kite film we took help of two local children.

One was polishing a boot-chair and making a second kite. Both of them made us wonder everybody by making a complete and spectacular performance in front of the camera. I very clearly believe that any artist will get alerted by means of camera startup and that means Artificiality has come in his acting.

Although both of them had their cameras, despite their intuitive activity, their acting was inherently popular. Their performance was natural.

Some artists in Bollywood are working with specific and big banners. However, the new producer-director- Talaash (Remarkati) Naveezuddin clarifies, "Look, new producers and directors have new, specialized and experimental ideas and story-writing.

They leave the traditional way of life and adopt the modern ideas of the new era. In fact, they work very diligently in their very first film. The producers and directors of the algebra, who have been in this area for many years, remain safe by following their tradition.

Even though he has been stable and successful by completing 10 years in Bollywood, Najjudin Siddiqui asserts that, at the moment when I think of myself as successful, the creativity within me will be gone. I do not want to be like any other dilemma or dream. I want to do this.

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Make a long career self-created - Hema Malini

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The 70-year-old Hema Malini's evergreen Dreamgirl appears in the real life by playing an actress, dancer, wife, mother, leader and character of Rina Life in real life. She recently performed dance ballet performances on her Ganga river in Varanasi on 22 January, during her visit to Juhu's bungalow.

In that interview, he enjoyed the practice of this ballet with his grandfather and enjoyed discussions about his dance and his personal life.

Hema Malini says about the reasons why this ballet was done, that in my mind the plan was for the last four or five years. I performed 12 minutes with daughter Esha on the music created by Ravindra Jain. Ravindra asked me to increase my performance time but it was not possible for me and in the process of going to Ravindra, I was completely repentant but afterwards, Asit Desai took charge of the music.

Eight months ago Sushma also inspired me to do such a performance, but I was also excited for this performance. Bhagrath worked to bring the Ganges river to the earth. When I tried to live on the stage with the Ganges river.

Hema Malini said about this project, what she wants to say, that this project is for India is for our country. Recently when I visited Varanasi's Gangadi, I felt very clean. I want to support this campaign and save water. My second objective is to highlight People of my hometown Mathura complain of salt water. Pollution levels have increased in rivers. Due to which the grounds are also being destroyed.

At the age of 70, Hema Malini gave her two hours of performance. You did not tired of that ... The actress laughing in her reply said that this story has been going on since ages. And if I should do a ballet about this gangatma, I still feel tired after one-and-a-half hours of performance. However, all this is a change in your mind set and viewpoint.

If you are an actress along with a member of Parliament, in response to your plans in the next five years, she said that I am not astrologer and I do not even know what I will do. Did Dharmendra see your performance, in his reply, Dreamgirl said that he saw my Yashoda Krishna ballet.

It is also because of my daughter Ahana that they say that at the time of performance you feel like you came from another creation on this creation and I can not find you in it. When you are a very important person for someone, this is the spirit that I can not give the form of words.

Your two daughters are Esha and Ahna dancers. What to say about your daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law, Dear and Radya. In response to this, the actress said that the son of Ahana comes in the gallows after seeing my rehearsal. He behaves like a big actor. And Radhya also wants to dance. Seeing my dance she does it like me. Children do what their grandfather does.

ALITA: Battle Angel

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ALITA: Battle Angel

A board named Dr. Dixon Edo hangs on the door. Dr. Edo is a special surgeon of cyborg, who has a specialty of various diseases, has also written on the board. Organic cyborg is a mixture of both human and machine. In order to grow such people in the future, even its surgeons will need it! In the film, the future is that of the year 2563 (after 544 years ago).

Increasing the population on earth, then the people made the city tingling in the sky (space city). There was a great warrior. Many parts of the earth have been broken. The people who were left were not living in their country or region. All came and lived in a city named Aryan City. Aryan City was the only Earth population that could absorb.

On the other hand, all the space caps were broken by the Mahaudhas except Jhalim. Anyone wishing to stay in Aryan City was going to Jhalam, but going to Jhalalam was difficult to break seven tables.

Being a future city, modernization like a one-wheeled bike, a special kind of rickshaw, came in Aryan. After the Mahayudh, however, the city has been transformed into a scam, there is no attractive building or no direct road. Because the attackers were the Mangalis. 300 years have passed since the attack.

Working in a factory for people living in Aryan city was the only employment option. Another hidden work was going on in Hunting. There was a whole army called Warrior Hunter, whose job was to kill criminals from the city and kill him. If there is a killing, then you can get points, and if the number of points is increased then you will get reward for going to jail. For a team of cyborg was working fulltime hunter hunt.

The town was ruled by a villain named Nova. Nova did not resist anyone directly, but he kept on gripping a motorbike competition. Machine-man was on the track and caught the ball in front of the game. The winner of the last one round of the competition, which will win the last one, will also get a chance to go to Jhalams.

In short, all those who were great in Aryan City were working to go to Jhalames. The rest were working in the filling factory. In the factory, the content for Zalem City and the content was sent over the same. No one else knew what was above, the other.

There was also a man ruling in Jalal, who was named Vector. When Vector wanted, he could enter another's body. In fact, he lived in someone's body in Aryan City. But that is one of the secrets of the film's various mysteries.

There was another gang in the city, who was working to steal Cybeg's body parts. Many people in Ayrian City were cyborgs. If all the hands or legs were broken, they would come to Dr. Ida for treatment. Even the Spar parts of the people were working for Nova, so he was stolen by someone else.

There were few people who could be called gentlemen in the city and there was a Dr. Ida. Dr. Edo, moving around the scalp's mug, found one body parts. The upper part of the brain and body was a witness. Being a cyborg expert, Dr. Edo tied the body with the body and one of them got ready.

The girl did not remember what happened earlier in her life. Dr. Ida kept her name Alita. Dr. Edo had an old relationship with Alita, which is also the smallest mystery of the film. When Alita came out in the market, she met a young man named Hugo. The friendship of both of them got burnt. Even though Dr. Idi's injunction, Elita was roaming around there. There were many unknown dangers in the city, so Alita was not aware of it.

Often Dr. Idi was out on the night, going somewhere. One day, Elita went behind them. See if Dr. Idi is also a Warrior Hunter. At that time, Dr. Gidwitska, a cyborg attacked Dr. Oedo. There were also Grewisco's other colleagues. Edo alone could not reach him.

But Alita, who is chasing, smashed the whole mass and sabotaged the giant Saiborg Gravisa. At that time, Dr Aid realized that Alita may be seen, even though she is masam, heartless and heartless. It is possible to fight Bhalbala. At the same time, Nova and his team also came to know that Sava, who has been eating sugary sweets, has got into a city. Now it's going to end.

How to eliminate Elita? Noah found the way. Hugo caught lover from Alita's friend There is a connection between Hugo and Nova, and this is undoubtedly the secret of the film. Nova gave Hugo a lure that if Alita is ready to participate in motorboat competition, then the way to go to Hugo will be paved. By the time Alita had also filed her name as a Warrior Hunter because her aggressive activity was like that.

Alita has shown her willingness to participate in a motorbike competition. Dr. Ida initially made an aunt-kana, but then turned down the yes. When the competition started, it was decided that the competition is really dangerous, so the plan is to eliminate Elita. Alita could not have withdrawn from it, but she could do it all.

Competition started in the stadium, one group of Warrior Hunter came to kill Hugo. Hugo called Alita for help, and until she reached Hugo by completing her work, many body parts were broken.

Dr. Hoido's body piece was inserted by Dr. Edo. After that, the cured Hugo began to climb up the hefty pipe after taking up a manger. But watched over by the Victor, he wasted it on the way.

Alita was also going to save there, but before that, there was a fragment of Hugo, which had a cyborg body. Now Alita is the only nine

Online Puja-Path

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Online Puja-Path
Online Puja-Path
Compared to the developed countries, India may have been lagging behind in progress, but Pandit Pujari has brought rituals, puja etc. to religion. As the worship of rituals and rituals continued to grow, the priest class continued to flourish in the same way.

Since the year 1991, the period of liberalization and privatization began in the country. Increasing employment with people migrated from this. In such a situation, people associated with the root of the worship and rituals became disillusioned. When Pundapujari's business, used to eat free of food without any effort, he has adopted a new technique to cheat, which is visible in the form of rituals such as online philosophy, aarti, worship and pindand, tarpan and shradha. These online punds specialize in cutting online pocket, connected to applications such as Skype, Google, Facebook Chat.

It is clear that the priests have been trying to foil the people by maintaining the sacraments from every level. The point of the extent is that governments are also helping to open their hearts in this work, after death, when there is no existence of human being, even then, the business of liberating from the Live Pindand is in the hands of the online pooja package. . Modern pundes are trying their best to fill their pockets by showing the arti and philosophy of famous temples online. In such a way, it is better to be cautious of the priests giving the online pooja.
Live pinddan

In the past, Allahabad, now in Prayagraj, some priests started the live pindandan. The priest here said, 'Videococcus is being pumped live. At the time of the ritual, a person will stand on mobile and will show everything in it, which will be easily seen by our host sitting far away. In return we charge big money from the hosts. "

Dharm made Pandavas rich
The priest, the priest, is making money by making religious people in many ways, but the real problem is that the wealthy students are in the thoughts of the rich, whose pockets are hot and the money is thrown out of fear of religion. By looking at these wealthy hosts, the poor society also falls in the same way as priests. This is the reason that the batsmen of the live thief are getting batches.

In the past, see the example of online pindanda- Priyagraj's Purohit Vijay Pandey has sent quota 21,000 to Vijender Rajput, Virendra Kumar and Bhairon Singh Pindada of Jaipur. Purohit Ashutosh Paliwal has sent thousands of rupees to Virendra Pandey, Mohnish Bharma, Bhayam Dwivedi, Vikesh of New Delhi, Vikheshwar Singh Chauhan of Chhindwara, and thousands of rupees have been paid in the prescribed date.

The thing to think about is that a laborer who earns 20,000 rupees in spite of working hard in the daytime, while the pandanand ponds only make a man in a few hours by directing the owl, or 21,000 or more of the lime to read. These pundits, who do not do any work themselves, are only making a poor man by revealing religious fear to the person who read in the name of rituals.

Official seal on

In the Mahakal Mandir located in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, there were reports of online booking for Darshan and Aarti in the past. There, the Aarti administrator Pradeep Soni had instructed to build near the 250-odd Darshan counter. Meaning the Mahakal temple administration was able to collect the amount of 250 rupees for the money from the devotees of their Lord.

Obviously this process has been done online for more recovery. Not only this, the Mahakala mobile app was also launched, which was initially made online, but later it was closed for bookings of Darshan.

In the same way, in the Kali temple of Uttar Pradesh's capital, Lucknow, in the year 2018 Navaratri was booking a quota of 2,100 for the make-up of the temple. In another case, the announcement of anointing of 5,100 online deposits of the Brahma temple in Pushkar, Rajasthan was announced. Booking for Vip Darshan system was also discussed in the temple. It was claimed that the income from this will be invested in the development of the temple. The surprising thing is that at the time the decision was taken in Pushkar, the temple was managed by a government committee whose president was then the district collector.

Fear even after death

Indeed, Hindu religious texts have made people so scared that even after people die, when there is no survival, then there is a feeling of sympathy. According to Hindu scriptures, the deceased does not get freedom until a family member does not give up.

However, the priest has given a relaxation to his advantage, in which if a kin does not do the last rites, Brahmin can perform the funeral. There will be no hindrance in getting salvation from the deceased. In this way Garuda Puran and Smriti Puran give guarantee to give salvation through the help of priests. To get salvation after death, there are many websites and mobile apps, along with the Haitek Pandits of the main religious towns of the country, who are promoting this type of Pongapanti.